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Bryggergården – furniture design

In cooperation with Krydsrum Architects, and based on our design for Sølund Plejecenter, we designed four pieces of furniture for Bryggergården, a nursing home in Vesterbro, Copenhagen.

The units are designed for the nursing home’s large communal room – a place used for socializing, games, celebrations and Sunday mass. All of the units are on wheels, making them mobile, and allowing them to be configured in a variety of ways. They all contain various storage compartments.

One of the four units is designed to be used as an altar. As with our altar for Sølund, when it is closed, all religious symbols are hidden, the wheels are partly hidden behind the siding, and recessed handles in each side allows it to be moved by one person. It is dimensioned to allow it to fit elevators and doors, climb ramps, and enter any public room in the building. On each side there is access to deep drawers with room for all of the necessary items for mass.

When used, the top surface swings up, hinged in the back (on hidden hinges, with an elaborate locking system to keep it in place) to reveal the back panel: A bright white (partly open) and a deep blue surface (wholly open), both with cut outs in the painted surface that reveals the oak below: In the white panel a cross, in the blue panel a cross and the sentence “Min fred giver jeg jer” – “My peace I give to you”  (John 14:27) – an inclusive, open, unconditional offer. All units are made of oiled oak by Yoho.

Above: The altar closed – in which state it has exactly the same dimensions as all other elements.

Above: The altar fully open, revealing the CNC cut cross and text.

Above: Two elements side by side.

Above: The altar seen from the back, with the locking system visible.

Above: All openings are push-release, and all are indicated with a CNC cut circle. 

Above: Detail of the CNC cut cross in the painted surface, revealing the wood below.


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