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Der Spielplatz – Logo

Der Spielplatz deals in communication – research, layout, and content for magazines, books, film, and other platforms. Historical subjects are a speciality.

How should one make a logo for a company called Der spielplatz – German for Playground? It would, we decided, have to be playful, but at the same time it had to feel competent. We made a logo with the name split in two, five letters on each line, with eight unevenly spaced colored dots on a horizontal line between them. The text is all caps in a clear, competent-looking, modern sans serif, and the dots are undeniably playful (and inspired by the test print on the bottom of a juice container, but that’s of no relevance for the logo in use).


  • Det europæiske forår - Book cover, Gyldendal
  • Af den anden verden - Book cover, Gyldendal
  • Logo for Gyldendal Podcast
  • Parasitsonetterne - Book cover, Gyldendal
  • Sporene efter Inés - Book cover, Gyldendal
  • April 2026 - Book cover, Gyldendal
  • Everything Must Go - Poster
  • Hesteskamferingerne, omslag
    Hesteskamferingerne 2004 - Book cover, Gyldendal
  • Regnen falder, omslag, Gyldendal
    Regnen falder - Book cover, Gyldendal
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