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Font Thing – Shelf Sculpture

CNC milling, laser cutting and similar techniques have made it possible to cut just about any shape you can imagine relatively inexpensively. What just a few years back took skilled craftspersons days or weeks or months, is now possible for a layman with a vector file, a few hours, and not very much money.

We thought this was an interesting way of making furniture that did not look like anything else (that we could think of). What if we cut intricate shapes in standard plywood boards, combined the the boards in a not-too-complicated way, and got a three dimensional object? With support from L. F. Foghts Fond and Carl Ras A/S, we’ve developed Font Shelf, a sculpture / shelf made with typographic elements – often exquisitely beautiful.

Font Shelf is not an efficient way to store anything, but it actually does work quite well for many items. And one not only gets a shelving system, one also gets an expressive and unique sculptural… object.

Prototype. Hand assembled CNC milled plywood. Approximately 150 cm wide, 200 cm tall and 40 cm deep. Made to order. Please contact us about availability.

Developed with generous support from L. F. Foghts Fond and Carl Ras A/S.


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