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Logo, Historiske Dage 2015

Historiske Dage – identity, posters, etc

Historiske Dage – Historic Days – is Denmark’s largest historic festival, since 2015 held annually in Copenhagen with approximately 7.000 guests over a weekend.

To do a logo that spoke of “history” as a colourful, exciting subject, and of history as a whole, not referring to any one specific period of time, our proposal was to try to show everything. The festival’s name and the current year is written in a clear, no-nonsense sans serif. This is filled with symbols referring to history in the form of ornaments, weapons, buildings, tools, art, machines, and more – a total of around 100 objects spanning a period of approximately 30,000 years.

We’ve tried to avoid the banal, and rather be ambiguous and fun. A pipe certainly must be central to some historic incidents, but which ones exactly? The aim is intriguing and rich, and both kids and adults tend to look at it for quite a while. It works surprisingly well even in business card size, and the larger it gets, the better it works.

Apart from the logo, we have done most of the festival’s graphic design – posters, postcards, banners, badges, a festival paper (from 2017), and an assortment of advertising materials for different media.

Logo, Historiske Dage 2016
Poster, Historiske Dage 2015
Poster, Historiske Dage 2016


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