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Kill J – Logo

We liked the fact that all five letters in “Kill J” have a strong vertical line. We accentuated these, and diminished the five horizontal and diagonal ones, resulting in something that at first glance might look like just five vertical lines – cool, ordered, abstract. But then one notices the five thin lines, and understand that the ten lines together spell out actual letters: Kill J.

Kill J is published by Good Tape Records. We also did a record cover for the band’s debut single Bullet.


  • Knuder - Book cover, Rosinante
  • Carl & Marie - Book cover, Gyldendal
  • Last - Book cover, Modtryk
  • Det europæiske forår - Book cover, Gyldendal
  • Af den anden verden - Book cover, Gyldendal
  • Logo for Gyldendal Podcast
  • Parasitsonetterne - Book cover, Gyldendal
  • Sporene efter Inés - Book cover, Gyldendal
  • April 2026 - Book cover, Gyldendal
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