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Mobile altar for Sølund

Sølund Plejecenter is Denmark’s largest nursing home. It has its own priest, but no real church room. Mass is held in rooms that have other primary functions.

We’ve designed an altar with the dual purpose of being both very practical and flexible, and supporting the beauty and sacredness of mass.

As for practicality and flexibility, the altar can be completely closed, with all religious symbols hidden, and placed in storage when not in use. It has wheels, partly hidden behind the siding, and recessed handles in each side, allowing it to be moved by one person. It is dimensioned to allow it to fit into and through elevators and doors, climb ramps, and enter any public room in the building. On each side there is access to deep drawers with room for all of the necessary items for mass.

As for the beautiful and sacred, the altar itself is a simple, white cube. When used, the top surface swings up, hinged in the back (on hidden hinges, with an elaborate locking system to keep it in place) to reveal the back panel: A warm red (partly open) and a deep blue surface (wholly open), both with cutouts in the painted surface that reveals the white material below: In the red panel a white cross, in the blue panel a cross and the sentence “Min fred giver jeg jer” – “My peace I give to you”  (John 14:27) – an inclusive, open, unconditional offer.

Thanks to Sølund’s priest, Jeppe Nissen, and to Joachim von Westen Jørgensen, who both provided invaluable help. Construction work done by Yoho.


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