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Nature™ – print

While nature, the real thing, seems to be ever more restricted and distant, nature in stories, imagery, on packaging, as part of logos, is everywhere. People might not have much appetite for or patience with the real thing, but everybody seem to love the idea of nature.

Nature™ is made entirely of logos depicting nature – animals, flowers, mountains and celestial phenomena. Say hi to Dove’s dove, Penguin’s penguin, Whirlpool’s whirlpool, Star Alliance’s star, and the Toblerone and Evian mountains.

Ciglee print in five signed and numbered copies. Size: 200 x 65 cm. Please contact us about availability. Exhibited at AX12, Clown Clones, and Kunsthal Charlottenborg.



  • Knuder - Book cover, Rosinante
  • Carl & Marie - Book cover, Gyldendal
  • Last - Book cover, Modtryk
  • Det europæiske forår - Book cover, Gyldendal
  • Af den anden verden - Book cover, Gyldendal
  • Logo for Gyldendal Podcast
  • Parasitsonetterne - Book cover, Gyldendal
  • Sporene efter Inés - Book cover, Gyldendal
  • April 2026 - Book cover, Gyldendal
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